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Tech Tools

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In this clip, we show you how to use Tech Tools.

To use Tech Tools, complete the following steps. For details about what each feature does, refer to Tech Tools Reference.

  1. Go to Customer Summary > Systems.

  2. Select the system that you want to program.

  3. Tap Tech Tools.
    Note: If you have set up a system but haven’t set up a connection, you can connect the Tech APP to the panel by tapping Perform Initial Connection. Until the panel is connected, you will only have access to the Support Center and Perform Initial Connection in Tech Tools.

  4. To view information about a system’s operation, tap System Analytics.

  5. To test a connection to the system, tap Test Connection. The test begins automatically. When you’re finished, tap Done.

  6. To access guides and troubleshooting tools, tap Support Center.

  7. To run standard tests on a system, like walk tests, select System Tests.

  8. To place a system on test, tap the Place System on Test tile, then select a duration and tap Place System on Test.
    WARNING: For the number of hours that you specify, the system will send signals to the central station but emergency services will not be contacted.

  9. To place a system on test, tap the Place System on Test tile, then tap Take System off Test.

Tech Tools Reference

The following section summarizes the features in each Tech Tools category.

System Analytics
Contains system information such as:

  • Customer—The customer’s name.

  • Account—The customer’s account number.

  • System Name—The name of the customer’s system.

  • Type—The system type, such as XR150, XT30, XTLplus, CellCom, etc.

  • Software Version—The current system firmware version.

  • Last App Connection—The date and time of the last connection to the system with the Virtual Keypad app.

  • Connection Type—The system connection type such as network, cellular, or EASYconnect.

  • Hourly Cell Signal—Information about cell signal communication. This applies only to systems with an active cellular module. For more information, refer to the appropriate DMP guides.

  • Retries—Information about connection retries. The information displayed depends on the system’s connection type.

  • AC Voltage—Information about current system voltage.

  • Battery Voltage—Information about current battery voltage.

Test Connection
Test the system connection. Results include details like whether the system is connected, the last command sent, status of the last command, and the date and time of the last command.

Support Center
The Support Center contains the following resources:

  • Installation Guide—View the system’s panel installation guide.

  • Programming Guide—View the system’s panel programming guide.

  • Troubleshooting Tools—Research common door access, keypad, cellular, and network error messages. Each entry contains the error message, possible causes, and troubleshooting instructions the fix the issue.

  • DMP Guides—View all the DMP product guides.

  • Email Pics—Take a picture of an installation and send to someone who can help you.

  • Contact Technical Support—Contact DMP technical support.

System Tests
Perform the following tests:

  • Communications Test—Test communication with the panel according to connection type. For example, test a primary Network connection and a Cellular backup connection.

  • Standard Walk Test—Perform a standard walk test of a system’s programmed zones.

  • Wireless Test—Perform a test to determine whether programmed wireless devices are checking in with the panel.

  • Z-Wave Diagnostics Test—Perform a diagnostics test to determine whether Z-Wave devices are communicating with the panel. Tests up to 10 devices at a time.

  • Z-Wave Device Optimization—Optimize a system’s Z-Wave mesh network.

  • PIR Test—Perform a PIR walk test.

For more information about system tests, refer to the appropriate panel programming guides.

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