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3G Upgrades

Note: The 3G Upgrades tool requires panel firmware Version 201 or higher. When a user schedules a service request in Dealer Admin, their system is automatically updated to Version 201.

View Upgrade Requests

  1. Tap Requested Upgrades.

  2. To view details of a scheduled upgrade, tap one of the listed items.

  3. To return to the 3G upgrades list, tap  Back.

Replace a 3G Cellular Communicator

For complete instructions on installing LTE cellular communicators, refer to the 263LTE, 265LTE, or 265LTE-V-TOUCH installation guides.

To replace a cellular communicator, complete the following steps.

  1. Touch grounded metal to discharge static before handling the panel.

  2. Disconnect power from the panel. Unscrew and remove the installed communicator antenna.

  3. Apply even pressure to carefully disconnect and pull the communicator away from the panel CELL MODULE connector. Do not bend the connector pins.

  4. Hold the communicator inside the enclosure and install the antenna from the top enclosure hole.

  5. Align the cell communicator connector with the panel CELL MODULE pins. Apply even pressure to seat the communicator.

  6. Close the enclosure and reapply power to the panel. After the communicator is successfully replaced, Dealer Admin deactivates the replaced 3G communicator and activates the new LTE communicator.

  7. Test cellular communication before closing the service request.

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